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CPD and accredited Lifeskills Staff Training 


As well as being a therapist, life coach and staff development trainer I am also the regional trainer for Manchester College of Coaching and Hypnotherapy and on behalf of MCCH I can offer:

2-day in-house CPD course in Lifeskills Coaching for up to 12 staff.

£750 per day + expenses

2-day Train The Trainer MCCH Accredited Lifeskills Coaching Courses  for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 staff at Stopanxietytoday therapy rooms

£300 per person


Ron is a world-class organiser of Senior Management Training & Policy Events. He prepares meticulously and provides faultless opportunities for functional managers and officials from public, private and not-for-profit sector

Doctor Alan Cleary: Principal Consultant for Contracts, Tax, Audit, Security, Coaching & Selection at Accorde Public Policy Forum

Stop Anxiety Today Training 

In house sales/management staff development courses for groups or individuals

£375 + Expenses per day

Bespoke sales development courses for 1 to 3 staff at my therapy rooms

EG: One person £60 an hour, £150 for 1 hour sessions x3 (standard rates)or £200 per half day (4hrs)

Low Carbon Club CIC special rates 

I have always been passionate about environmental protection and supporting the socially disadvantaged so I am proud to be one of the founding directors of a new social enterprise Low Carbon Club CIC where my role will be to train and support new CIC sales staff (veterans/ disadvantaged )

As an additional revenue stream for the CIC  Stopanxietytoday Training will offer staff training and development via the CIC with substantial daily rate reductions which it will also donate 10% of fees back the CIC. This will help the CIC to show support of companies and organisations that work with it and its collaborating partners.

Along with myself  CIC trained and employed staff will eventually become a resource offering support services to selective collaborating organisations. 

If appropriate there may also be an option for companies to participate with profit share or success fee payment for services to the CIC. If of interest, please contact the MD of Low Carbon Club Alan Asbury  

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