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“If you want to have a practical ability, in real situations then you need your tutor to be Ron Pusey at the Manchester College of Clinical Hypnotherapy (MCCH).

An excellent mixture of theory and substance, put together with Ron’s expert knowledge and experience, really does create a learning environment for all abilities.

Ron ensures that you are comfortable in what you’re doing, that you understand what is expected and what is needed. He guides you through the course with not only the tools to succeed but enlightens your self-awareness so you can be better at what you do and who you are.

I had no experience, but I had an interest, and that was also nurtured throughout so that now I’m ready to further my knowledge and practice as the professional I know that I can be. Thanks Ron”.

Ian Manchester 2022

'Working with Ron on some childhood issues was very effective. He was quickly able to help me better understand and let go of some of my memories that were holding me back now.'

Amanda, Yorkshire

I can’t recommend this course enough – but be prepared to be open – not only did I learn loads about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I learned a lot about myself! 


Practical and fun- a life changing course. Thanks! .

Georgia, Salford (2019)

Initially, I enrolled on the certificate course in order to become better informed about hypnotherapy, with a view to possibly becoming a practitioner. The course far exceeded my expectations, owing to Ron's enthusiasm and passion for the subject, and it was an easy decision to make to progress to diploma level.  At this level, the topics were more in-depth and, at times, challenging.  However, thanks to Ron's encouragement and endless patience, I loved every moment of the course. The teaching was of a very high standard and, as well as underpinning what had been taught in the certificate, there was a lot of emphasis on gaining practical experience which, in turn, gave me the confidence to consider hypnotherapy as a career choice.  I also met some wonderful people in my group, and we still continue to support one another and share good practice.

Tress, Maccelsfield (2018)

'I tried for around 3 years to give up smoking and I was pleased to try Ron's therapy. All we seemed to do is talk and I couldn't understand how it was working but I have now been smoke free for a year. I can totally recommend seeing Ron.'

Hazel, Derbyshire

'I approached Ron for hypnotherapy regarding overeating. He used aversion therapy that helped me immensely. Ron also worked on my childhood trauma. I attended 4 sessions with him he was respectful empathetic and professional throughout. I would highly recommend him.'

Pauline, Warrington

Ron’s hypnotherapy sessions were very effective. Ron soon put me at ease with his calming voice. I came to Ron with my bad eating habits and since having Ron's guidance I have made great long term changes and I can easily see the difference in my day to day life. I highly recommend Ron.'

Sally, Cheshire

'I have tried giving up smoking many times and tried patches and pills etc. but with no success. Now I really needed to stop due to health problems. Ron refused to fix me (not just take my money he said) because my attitude was not right. Anyway 2 weeks later with time to think I came back and he was right, I am now half way through a stop smoking course and have had no fags with no craving (well not much) plus Ron has got me losing weight and taking exercise ... I look and feel great ..... and I only came to quit the fags .... Be prepared SAT changes your life and your waist measurements.'

David, Manchester

My session with Ron was extraordinary... The result exceed any of my expectations! To be honest I thought that at the most I will just relax and that's it... How wrong was I...
I was suffering from an unexplained pain for quite some time (medical causes were excluded).
After only one session with Ron the pain was gone.. And didn't come back since ! It  has been four weeks pain free...
I can't thank you enough Ron. Your gift is really special...'

Anon, Oldham

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