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There are many Hypnotherapy training courses available to those interested. It is well worth looking closely at what and who you are planning to invest your time and money with. I believe you should choose MCCH for the same reason I decided to work with them.

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Manchester College of Coaching and  Hypnotherapy



  • It is an established UK College committed to high standards of training and ethical practice.

  • It provides a thorough framework for students who want to embark on the exciting journey of becoming a qualified reputable Clinical Hypnotherapist.

  • High student – teacher ratio  

  • Accredited externally by the GHSC, HA, IHA, BSCH and internally by the IIPCH

  • Experienced trainers who continue to run their own private practices and invest in ongoing professional development

  • Focus on skills and practice ensuring competency and confidence in techniques

  • Comprehensive course framework including extensive course notes

  • High percentage of graduates develop a successful career in Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Ongoing support and supervision throughout the course

  • Further info on MCCH can be found at: 

  • Bespoke staff training and development

Training with me
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I am a practicing hypnotherapist and trainer with over 30 years experience of training staff in businesses and working with individuals helping them to realise their potential and achieve personal and corporate goals. I chose to also work with MCCH just over 5 years ago. The college offered what I was looking for, fully accredited courses with extensive course material and a logical attitude to tutor / student ratios. 

To maximise the learning opportunity I believe it is essential for those in training to  have low student trainer ratios where there is time and support not to just learn the theory of hypnotherapy but a supportive environment to safely practice techniques and become a competent and confident hypnotherapist. I take just a maximum of 4 trainees on each course. By the end of the course students will have been hypnotised and hypnotised others on many occasions.

All course material is supplied printed and bound as well as emailed in a word document to allow students even more time to watch and practice hypnotherapy and life skill coaching techniques, rather than just writing notes.


On a personal note I think it is also really important to have fun doing the course. If it's not fun I believe we are doing it wrong.

Hear what students say 

If the course and my practical based training sounds like the style you are looking for contact me. 

2022 Course Dates

MCCH Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching Certificate

Registrations now open for Certificate course in October / November 2022 

27th, 28th July

7th, 8th  August

12th, 13th, 14th September

20th September


2022 Winter Diploma Course Dates to be arranged 


Stop Anxiety Today has carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and has a Covid policy to ensure a Covid secure, safe working environment following all current government guidance.

Covid Policy available on request.

Course Venue:

Waterview Cottage

38 Church Street



SK13 1JR


The Certificate Course in Hypnotherapy is the first step in becoming a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. The cost of the 8 day Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate Course and Certificate in Lifeskills Coaching is £995.00.

Full details of the Certificate course content can be found on the MCCH site.

To become a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist you need, in addition, to complete the 10 day Diploma Course, which costs £1295.00.

Full details of the diploma course content can be found on the MCCH site and of course if you want additional information you are welcome to contact me.